Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I found the Cookie Queen!

Funny ... Her throne was vacant. She was down in the dungeon. I think she was building some sort of castle? LOL!

This is my first experience with the big cookie sale. Of course, one of my preconceived notions when hearing "Girl Scouts" was cookies. The other? Camping. I had no idea how much leadership was involved ... and the wide array of opportunities? It's like you can create your own adventure in so many ways. I keep being impressed with what is offered and accomplished.

And in the case of cookies? It's quite impressive what these little goodies accomplish. Only 88 cents is for the cookie. We're one of the highest (and I think THE highest) Councils when it comes to outreach programs. This is one of the most major ways our outreach is funded. Plus, it goes into the programs offered for girls, and to individual "cookie credit" ... and as a mom? That's nice! The troop will be going on an outing, my daughter will have store credit for uniform components (among other things), and we are helping girls who may not get other opportunities. How cool is that?
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