Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A while back, a project for the 95th Anniversary Celebration landed in my lap ... a fluke, really. Someone had already done a flier but the file couldn't be found. There was a time crunch. As the new girl and one with all the layout tools, I was called in for help. As much as I love designing, I love REDESIGNING even more! I guess it's because I have a springboard. I brought the project home and did up something nice while the snow kept everyone away from the office. I emailed the finished project and one staff member asked if I could email it to everyone. There was much ado (along with plenty of requests to do fliers for others)! The influx of response was a blessing to me ... I guess I just like knowing that what I do makes an impact and an impression.

Today was the latest redesign project. It's a little monthly newsletter that is sandwiched between two biggies. This one is for girls who are not part of a traditional troop ... they are called "Juliettes." I still have a lot to learn, but this particular area intrigues me. I don't recall Girl Scouts being a strong entity in my hometown. But even if there wasn't a troop, girls today aren't limited by that! They can be Juliettes and go through the program and be part of events and projects and camps just like any girl in any troop in the Service Unit.

Anyway, I asked about redesigning the newsletter as more of a practical issue since topics are gleaned from a larger leader publication and I wanted to work within the design program instead of cutting and pasting and reformatting in Word. While I was out yesterday, my supervisor sent an email to everyone taking a moment to brag on me and show them the newsletter. I came back to much ado in my email! And honestly, it felt good. I really love being part of the work they do here.

I keep wanting to blog sometime about working here ... I will probably never do it justice! Unlike so many workplaces, there is The Promise and The Law that all Girl Scouts adhere to. But what makes it astounding to me is the fact that it's not just something written or preached. It's a quiet, confident expectation that everyone really does their best to follow these ideals. The trust that is extended is truly refreshing! It's as if I keep catching my breath and wondering if I can really breathe again ... and I CAN!
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