Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sailing Through Life

I have to say ... this looks REALLY good right about now! Personally, the beauty and peacefulness of this moment are a much bigger draw than my desk and deadlines! But what I also love is seeing those girls two by two. Do they know they are learning things like teamwork? Do they know that they are fueling each other's confidence? Do they know that they now have a skill that makes one late-blooming, middle-aged Girl Scout a little envious?

Aside from one afternoon trying to learn how to windsurf in northern Minnesota, I have not spent any time maneuvering a sail. And with the pace at which my life travels, I don't know when the opportunity to learn will come. These are the types of things that I find myself wishing I had experienced in my youth. What a wealth of experiences are available to modern girls! Maybe I'll start catching up when I retire. If you see a windsurfing grandmother 30 years from now ... it just may be me!
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