Saturday, August 15, 2009

Your Not-So-(stereo)Typical Hiker

I'm tall ... but not currently slender and probably not who you you would expect to meet on a mountain trail or in a canyon. I'm loaded down with cameras and am sporting brand new "gear" (recently discovered the value of trekking poles, multi-terrain shoes, rugged water bottles, and backpacks), and I move SLOWLY. So I imagine that seeing an overly equipped, rotund hiker sliding down a slope while rolling backwards is not a common sight. FORTUNATELY, I don't think anyone saw me! Yes, me. At that moment, I didn't want to admit I am a Girl Scout!

All drama aside (I won't detail the excitement here, but if you are REALLY interested you can visit my personal blog), I have to admit that my first thought as I was lying at the bottom of Red Rock Canyon after performing my magnificent slidey-flip was, "THIS WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!" I found a series of "hidey-holes" in the rocks, a perfect place with shade to eat some lunch and write in my journal. I bet I could have camped there!

Brave thought for me ... but made me wish I had those kinds of opportunities when I was young. I wish I could turn back time and be part of a Girl Scout troop that had adventures. I wish I had opportunities to travel internationally like girls do now with destinations and the like. But I'll catch up as I can. And maybe one day I'll actually camp in a cave and get more pictures like this ...

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