Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Karen's Lilly

A beautiful moment in a not so beautiful day ... well, some of it really was good, but overall? It was chaotic. At the moment, I am deeply tired, stuck in my office (waiting on my 2nd roadside service call of the day), and worried about being ready to leave for New York at 4:30 am! I was going to do a leisurely night of packing and enjoy a little time with my son. I'm sure he's fine just hanging out with his PS2 but I wanted to have at least one mom moment before I go!

ANYWAY ... my coworker, Karen, brought her Lilly blooms by earlier knowing how I love to get my camera around flowers. Ironic, today I delivered my first photography exhibit and it's all flowers! So, it brought some stress relief earlier to break out my camera. Now I'm thinking I need to do it again. I'm about to stress bust!
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