Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I'm A (Healthy) Girl Scout!

I've been thinking ALL DAY about the Girl Scout Healthy Living Initiative ... Why? I'm not-so-healthy. Does it limit what I do in my life, with my daughter, or affect the example I set for her? Probably. OK, OK, OK ... yes.

What do I do with these thoughts? This is NOT my cup of tea. I'm not a diet hound. I'm not one who enjoys exercising unless it involves creative expression - like dance - but who wants to dance overweight? I'm way too self conscious to pursue that right now. I'm comfortable as a workaholic. I lose sleep constantly. I'm driven by schedules and deadlines. I'm exhausted as a way of life. The time to plan healthy menus and cook/prepare at home seems nonexistent. And I can't even remember to take my vitamins! Is there hope for someone like me?

So now I'm thinking ... maybe a personal challenge will be good. Maybe being public about it will be even better! Maybe (just MAYBE) there are some other Girl Scout adults out there who are like me: out of shape, stressed out, time crunched, and don't see how it can change.

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