Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I know I need to do more than just think about the Girl Scout Healthy Living initiative ... but I also know I need to take small steps that I feel fairly confident I can sustain. Where can I start? I think I can start with water. (I also secretly telling myself to always eat breakfast, but I'm not sure I can stick with that yet!)

ONE GOOD THING I DO: I often order water instead of soft drinks or tea at restaurants.

ONE GOOD THING I CAN START: Drink a glass of water before I drink my coffee. (Thanks, Roberta, for that one!)

MAKE IT FUN (or at least a little more fun): Flavored water.

Personal note: I love mint! I love mint in my water. I don't love the designer price tags for my favorite bottled mint waters, though. But I found something I like just as much: Goodman's Flavorings! Mint + Orange is my favorite right now (just a drop of each swirled into an average size water bottle) ... I discovered it while traveling when I wasn't too keen on drinking hotel tap water. I thought mint extract might do the trick, but these were half as much (a little over $2), so it was worth a try. VOILA! Truly much better than my other home experiments with extracts. I've used two cases of water in the past month during travels, and I've barely used 1/4 of the flavoring. Economical!

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