Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Discovery ... Smell the Roses, Study the Bugs

Of the three dozen people spending the weekend together at camp, one young girl noticed this grasshopper. The moments shared following this discovery became a highlight of the weekend for her and for me.

Discovery is such an important element to growth and life and accomplishment. I think it's no wonder that it's the first element of our Girl Scout Leadership Experience: Discover, Connect, Take Action!

Sometimes, revolutionary discovery isn't the in big things ... it's found in the tiny details others overlook. But it's those minute discoveries that can lead to a profound revelation. As a seed carries the potential for a forest within ... so discovery has the seed for life experiences and maybe even revolutionary change.

I think about Einstein as he imagines himself traveling on a light beam. How many people stop and take the time to do that? Our phrase "stop and smell the roses" might be more significant than we realize. When is the last time you encouraged someone (including yourself) to imagine riding on a beam of light? To stop and smell the roses? To study a bug? I think I'll take time to discover something today.
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