Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tie Dyed Reflections

I just said a tired goodbye to my little Girl Scout who is officially on her first horse adventure of the summer. Of course, I couldn't leave without another photo. Sometimes moments like this cause me to randomly reflect ... Seeing how beautiful she is and is becoming ... Seeing how her features somehow match her tie dyed shirt (a classic Girl Scout project) ... And how glad I am to have people in her life to affect her in positive ways. As a currently single (and way too busy) mom, I couldn't do it on my own! My heart is thankful for all of you who make a difference by empowering girls.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl Scout Goes Skype

Just a cute thing on the Social Media side of Girl Scouting …

My daughter (Miss M) and her new video pal (Miss G) enjoyed their first Girl Scout oriented “Skype date” last night. The girls met through their moms who became acquainted during a Twitter chat about Social Media tools last week. Miss G is in NY and her mom teaches Social Media classes. It was adorable! She would say, “Turn to page 99 (in the Junior Girl Scout Handbook). Want to play that game?” They showed each other their vests and sashes, their badges and patches, their workbooks, and even their dogs. See the array?

Who knows ... they just might work together on a Bronze Award project involving social media (a mini-class for girls their age, how to connect online and stay safe, something like that) ... we'll just have to see what transpires in the coming weeks!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Paying It Forward ...

Imagine, if you will, a party … a birthday party … a party for a 10 year old girl complete with decorations and cake … but a party with no gift wrapped boxes. Why? Because Hayley is a remarkable girl. Better than that, Hayley is a Girl Scout. Oh, certainly, there were gifts! But the gifts were not what you would normally find at a young girls’ party. They were donations for a cause.

You see, Hayley had a life changing moment when she realized there were girls who were not able to attend Girl Scout camp. The thought so impacted her that she was compelled to do something about it. She told her mother what she wanted to do, they contacted the Council to find out how they could make this happen … and instead of just a party invitation, this amazing young girl added a note about what she would rather do. She gave guests the opportunity to send a donation to Girl Scouts instead of bringing a gift so she could help another girl go to Girl Scout camp. She wanted to “pay it forward” so to speak.

Our CEO had the opportunity to meet Hayley to present her with a “Good Deed” patch and asked her why she did this. She looked at her for a moment, as if I should already know the answer, and said, “I’m a Girl Scout!”

Fast forward just a few weeks to a United Way panel gathered at our office. Just as we do each year, we have at least one girl speak to them about her experience in Girl Scouting. Ikera and her mother bravely shared from the podium. As Ikera talked earning her first patch, her eyes lit up. A panelist asked if she had attended Girl Scout camp. She had not been able to yet. But she dearly wanted to go.

In that moment, our CEO thought about Hayley’s gift and Ikera’s desire … and that afternoon we were able to make both of their dreams come true. Ikera was registered for resident camp before she left that day and Hayley’s gift had blossomed.


Imagine now a stack of Girl Scout cookies … actually, cases and cases of Girl Scout cookies. It’s common for Girl Scouts to sell cookies, but it is not common for a Girl Scout to sell them so another girl can receive the benefit. This Girl Scout cannot go to camp this summer, but she had been before and wanted to make sure another girl could have that opportunity. Who is this remarkable girl? It is none other than Ikera. And now Ikera is paying it forward.

Another benevolent birthday party was held by Hayley … another Cookie Sale is around the corner … another idea will be birthed in the heart of another remarkable Girl Scout … for this is what we are all about. Courage. Confidence. Character. Making the world a better place. That sounds like paying it forward to me!
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Miss Tulsa, Damaris Pierce, and Uniquely Me!

What a treat ... not only were the girls going to enjoy a high-energy BYOU2 dance video, but they had a special guest! Damaris Pierce, a past Girl Scout and the current Miss Tulsa, encouraged girls to be themselves and pursue their dreams as part of the "Uniquely Me!" program. The girls listened, then they asked questions ... and more questions ... and more questions. We all learned that Miss Pierce has not owned a hippopotamus! But the biggest reaction by far was when the girls asked how she kept her crown on and she showed them. I don't know why, but to see elastic forming an "x" on the top of the crown was absolutely fantastic and they all gasped in amazement.
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BYOU2 ... time to DANCE!

And dance they did! The gym full of girls was boppin' and rockin' to the BYOU2 video with Sabrina Bryan from the Cheetah Girls. As part of a special partnership with GSUSA, this video is being brought to girls all over the USA this spring. It was a great thing to see the girls enjoying themselves so much (and they said they could have dance for HOURS) and doing something healthy. I had to laugh. The adult Girl Scout staff members started off in the back of the gym ... but I think they only lasted through the warmup!
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Laurel and Katie and Tattoos ...

Laurel Richie, Chief Marketing Officer for Girl Scouts of the USA takes a peek at a new kind of branding ... literally! Katie's tattoo has branded her as a Girl Scout for life! Katie is one of the many wonderful young women I have had the pleasure to meet in Girl Scouting. I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes another first for women in the NASA space program (whatever that first might be a few years down the road).

One of my favorite media moments was listening to her interview last year with a Tulsa World reporter (regarding her Gold Award) who was rather stunned to hear she had a grade point average of 4.2 and wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. I didn't know that was possible, either, but it was for this Girl Scout!

Girl Scouts are wonderful, diverse, creative and self-sufficient young women. Katie is no exception. As one of the recipients of a Juliette Low Leadership Society scholarships, she attended a recent luncheon where she had the opportunity to meet Laurel Richie.

Actually, all the girls who attended the Juliette Low Leadership Society luncheon (both scholarship recipients and older Girl Scouts) enjoyed a private session with Laurel afterwards. I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of our girls as they both asked and answered questions. They weren't afraid to share how the felt if things (like Journeys) didn't live up to their expectations and why. And they also gave feedback regarding cookies that was more in depth than just "new boxes please!" New photos, sure ... but they liked that the girls pictured were being active. And they requested that the colors of the cookie boxes stay the same (for easier ordering by customers who want "them there orange ones") ... very helpful to know! And Laurel said that was something she could definitely take back to the team.

My favorite part, personally, was just knowing that these girls had a change to both glean from an amazing role model as well as make their voice heard in an arena where they are significantly invested ... Girl Scouts. Thank you, Laurel, for making the girls a priority and hearing what they had to say!
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