Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl Scout Goes Skype

Just a cute thing on the Social Media side of Girl Scouting …

My daughter (Miss M) and her new video pal (Miss G) enjoyed their first Girl Scout oriented “Skype date” last night. The girls met through their moms who became acquainted during a Twitter chat about Social Media tools last week. Miss G is in NY and her mom teaches Social Media classes. It was adorable! She would say, “Turn to page 99 (in the Junior Girl Scout Handbook). Want to play that game?” They showed each other their vests and sashes, their badges and patches, their workbooks, and even their dogs. See the array?

Who knows ... they just might work together on a Bronze Award project involving social media (a mini-class for girls their age, how to connect online and stay safe, something like that) ... we'll just have to see what transpires in the coming weeks!
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