Monday, December 21, 2009

Girls and Airplanes (and Pearls)

When it comes to flying, sometimes it's exciting. Other times it's necessary and even sad. Such is the case today for my little one's holiday visit to her dad. We tried swapping holidays and BOY is it hard!

But while at the airport, we learned something really cool. The first wing walkers were women. How brave! My daughter wasn't interested in trying it, though the steward offered her a pair of goggles (JOKINGLY, of course).

But it was still a little hard to laugh. It's the first Christmas for both kids to be at their dad's place. But my daughter and I traded our pearls to keep each other near. It was our first year of a new tradition ... Holiday pearls as long as she is a Girl Scout (in the spirit of Juliette Low who sold a rare strand of pearls to find the Girl Scout Movement). At our Juliette Low Leadership Society Pearl Sale, I found some "twisty" pearls ... A colorful dyed strand for her and ivory for me. So if you see me in colors this week, you'll know why!
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Nicole Nascenzi said...

What a great tradition! Good luck with the holiday, I bet the pearls will be a comfort to you both!