Monday, April 07, 2008

Standing Ovations All Around ...

Little miss Abigayle spoke to an important crowd at the Annual Meeting for Girl Scouts of Magic Empire Council and received a standing ovation. She shared a bit about her Bronze Award, which brought her on an unexpected path that went beyond a good deed. Inspired by her cousin who is faced with immune deficiency challenges, she attempted to get 100 new plasma donors. She didn't meet her goal ... she was on her way to 300! The company that she worked with recognized her with a plaque and when the national organization found out what she had done, they flew her and her cousin to Florida to speak at their meeting as well.

Aren't our Girl Scouts amazing? This little 10 year old is already making an impact on her community and the lives within it. I'm so proud to be a Girl Scout!

Speaking of proud to be Girl Scouts ... we are all proud to become Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma! The vote to accept the plan and agreement of merger passed unanimously.

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