Thursday, March 06, 2008

After 5:00 ... it's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It's after 5:00 ... sometimes it's the time when I can settle in and finally get some work done! Tonight as I walked back into the east wing of the Girl Scout office, I am dreaming of my Lemon Chalet Cremes and have decided they are just the thing I need to keep the thinking juices going for a little longer.

I walk by Pam's office and laugh to myself as I see her Lemon Chalet Cremes open on her desk. I walk by another office with an open box of cookies ... then another ... and another! I couldn't resist getting the camera out. Here's what I found (if you don't see captions that tell who had cookies, click on the little yellow icon on the bottom left):

One thing is for sure ... We sure support our local Girl Scout Cookie Sale!
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