Thursday, October 28, 2010

Strong and Confident Hope

These girls ... beautiful. I am profoundly blessed when I get a few moments to have their energy infuse the air I breathe. I see such strength and confidence. I see bravery. I see unity. I hear infectious laughter and notice quietly hopeful moments light their eyes. Little do they know, their spirit and even their spirited antics are secretly fueling my heart.

When children are faced with overcoming great odds as they grow into young adults, my heart is particularly tuned. I'm a mother who daily feels the joy and pain of watching a child bend and turn with life's sometimes rocky road. And while every life has grit and grind of one kind or another, these girls have a common bond.

They are daughters of incarcerated women.

I do not know what that feels like to a young girl. I do not know the depth of the challenge they face. And when I stop to imagine, my heart cries out for them. But I do know this ... they are empowered. And my heart swells because they are empowered by Girl Scouting.

This is Girl Scouts Beyond Bars. Courage. Confidence. Character. The world is definitely a better place.
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