Monday, August 16, 2010

Passing The Torch

Running to and fro throughout the BOK Center during Girl Scout Night with the Tulsa Shock (our new WNBA team), aside from being tiring, had immense rewards. An excited text from a mom brought me up to the video booth where two young girls weren't "just" (a big deal in and of itself) shadowing the pros and looking over their shoulders, they were really making things happen!

I watched and my heart could have burst with both pride and thankfulness. The mentors for the night were ABSOLUTELY fabulous, truly giving our girls a hands on experience. And our Girl Scouts? Interested and engaged. Intelligent and confident. They were rockin' it! When I visited, one was working with replays and the other was switching camera feeds.

But here's what is so cool ... it wasn't just because the professionals who took them under their wings were so awesome (though they were), but their adventure was directly related to the girls' curiosity. This was NOT the usual tour. These girls had questions ... smart questions ... ones that opened the door to bigger answers. So instead of just watching and learning, these girls got to see and do. In order to answer their detailed questions, they were even brought up on to the catwalk so they could see how the lighting worked. The more they asked, the more opportunities they had. And the adults enjoyed them so much, they got permission for the girls to do far more than was originally approved ... and they were invited back after halftime for the rest of the game.

And while I'm recovering from new discoveries like ANKLES CAN DEFINITELY BE SORE, I am also relishing the thought of girls experiencing something new and adults willing to pass the torch. Little Miss H (pictured here) who applied for this job specifically because it's something she wants to do when she grows up ... well ... she just had a revoluntionary night, one that may impact her future in great ways. Once again, I am reminded that what we do truly makes a difference.
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JD said...

What an awesome thing to be a part of! Good for you and especially for the girls!