Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Someone To Say, "WOW!"

I was part of the Junior Badge Blast weekend at one of our camps last weekend. I have a CRAZY schedule, so it was definitely a sacrifice to fit it in. But I had a very important personal reason to be there ... it's my opportunity to say, "Wow!"

The lives of young girls are full of amazing opportunities and experiences. When women look back on their younger years, often their most impactful moments are tied to adults - those who encouraged them, or those who tore them down. And the successes or hurdles to follow somehow find their roots in whether or not someone believed in her as a girl. That is why I am part of Girl Scouts today.

Seeing girls enjoy learning something new and expressing themselves is always a joy. But it is extra special when one of the girls who is a little more quiet or shy, a little less connected to the others, shares her project with me and tentatively whispers, "This is what I want to do when I grow up." Wow. What a precious moment. I have the joy of whispering back, "Go for it!"

This is where I get to do what our volunteers are doing every day ... being there to empower a girl, being there to believe in her, being someone in her world who looks at her and says, "WOW!"
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