Friday, June 19, 2009

My First Girl Scout Hire ... Now a Mom!

Sasha (middle) is a dear soul. She came to us after going through the corporate wringer and was my first hire at Girl Scouts. During realignment, we embraced more people, and I would like to think Kami (right) and I armwrestled over Sasha, but I would have WON (wink)! She stepped into grant writing, and what a fabulous job she has done!

From a young woman with a powerful story, to a woman with life-earned wisdom, we have been honored to be part of her life. What a joy to celebrate her marriage and now motherhood! As I shared with her today, she will be wonderful in her new role (as she is in everything), doing it with all her heart and a spirit of excellence.

Sasha, we hope for ALL the best for you!
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