Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moments of Light

Isn't nature amazing? If I could blog every moment when something tiny caught my eye simply because it was illuminated by sunlight, I think I would be blogging for a lifetime. These moments cause me to symbolize things ... and in particular, this is a picture of what makes me so proud to be a part of Girl Scouts.

While these young girls' lives are growing and changing and experiencing a variety of seasons on their way to adulthood, I am captivated by what happens in these girls as they have opportunities shine upon them. What may have been just another stem of prairie grass in most people's eyes emerges as a work of art to those who have the privilege of spending a moment together.

I love my job ... I have a tiny part in making this experience come alive in girls.

Today another artist pointed out a rainbow of light upon the wall (unfortunately I don't have time to upload/edit/etc. today) and as I brought out my camera, he shared his vision of how the image could be created in such a way to have a young girl emerging from a pool of light bathed in color. WOW - how cool is that? Yet another moment of light to inspire beyond words.
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