Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Turmoil ... Yet Proud

"The flag makes me think about the tragedy at Virginia Tech (my niece attends). America is all out of sorts, but we are still flying high and our colors are still red, white, and blue, you can't take that from us."

The words of one of our staffers have brought a special meaning to this photo. She said it struck her as being in turmoil yet proud. And that is a vivid description of our country. The photo was shared as part of a web album of inspirational shots taken while at one of our campgrounds during a staff training. My intention is to use these to make "visual affirmations" that give me a sense of what was sparked during our two days there and give another emotional connection to what I want to assimilate. The whole collection is here:
Inspirations - Camp TallChief

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