Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Our Chalet Hike ... Ummmm ... Sort Of! (aka Tiny Choices)

I'd love to hike at "our chalet" in Switzerland (one of the Girl Scout World Centres) ... but since I can't just pop over there and take off into the mountains, I figured I'd take my chalet mug on a hike to the high regions of the second story wing of the Girl Scout Service Center in Tulsa and get some coffee. 

This counts as part of the Live Healthy, Lead Healthy fit challenge, right?  I'm in training, by the way, for the 20 week challenge that I will begin on Saturday with our huge kickoff* in Chandler Park.  And by "in training" I mean "actively procrastinating."

A while back, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to restore honor to my languishing blog and, more importantly, hopefully inspire some of the other adults in our GSEOK (Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma) family to give the fit challenge a chance. 

Suddenly, I hear a large choir of famous voices singing in my head, "give health a chance," while they ... [oh - I shouldn't talk about voices in my head? Excuse me!] I digress!

In all seriousness, maybe you're like me. Maybe the whole subject of being "fit" is already challenge! There are several reasons why it is for me, but here are my main three:
  • I'm out of shape.
  • I don't enjoy exercise.
  • Time is a huge issue.
My secondary reasons?
  • I'm out of shape ... and can't stand how I look in shorts or athletic wear of any kind, especially when it involves sweating. I can only with great self-talk and bravery wear yoga pants (which ARE worth it for the comfort factor, at least) outside of my dwelling.
  • I don't enjoy exercise ... at least for the sake of exercise. It's slightly like torture. However, if there is an element of expression involved or any kind of creative appreciation? It's a whole different story. I love dance - especially modern dance - but for now it is held hostage by the previous point. But hiking with a camera? I'll happily sweat all day! Kayaking at sunset? I'll out-paddle everyone else. Therein is another challenge. None of those things are doable in the hours I have available....
  • Time is a huge issue ... the issue of all issues for everything in my life. When do I think I will have any time to do things I'm already supposed to be doing? Or is there such a thing as vaccum pilates or dusting yoga? How about laundry aerobics? Maybe then I'd get all of it to happen.
And that's just exercise! We didn't even begin with food.  Overwhelmed yet? I am. Maybe that's where I find my key.

I'm already overwhelmed. How do I take a fit challenge? Maybe it will be a little like my "chalet hike" today.  Want to hear the success story?  Of course you do!  It's because I made tiny choices:
  • I purposely chose to go to the farthest location for coffee (plus - there's SPECIAL coffee there).
  • I took the stairs instead of the elevator ... twice. (Did I mention there's special coffee? Mmmm.)
  • I had a little fun on the way, which is documented in photos above for your entertainment:
    • Where's Waldo/Ingrid moments (there are three)
    • Noticing little things along the way like "stick people in peril"
    • Scouting out healthy options around me to inspire me to look for more
Each of these are tiny choices that were doable in the moment. I didn't have to wear yoga pants! If that weren't exciting enough, I was able to conquer the other two challenges as well. I found ways to make it enjoyable and do it in my available time, adding only a couple of minutes to something I was doing already.

What tiny choices can you make? I'm thinking stairs and taking the long way are working for me. 

Next?  I may conquer something huge .. like ... drinking water!

*Have you signed up to join us in the park ... for free?  Do it here: LIVE HEALTHY, LEAD HEALTHY KICKOFF
*How about the fit challenge? It's only $10 and includes a workbook, t-shirt, pedometer, and cool incentives along the way!  Sign up for that here: FIT CHALLENGE
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