Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camping For The Future

Which way to go? Sometimes that little question packs the biggest punch of them all. And it's also one of the things I love about the Girl Scout experience. The wide array of opportunities that are at a girl's fingertips give her a taste of what those directions hold. She has the freedom to explore her world.

Camp is just one of those ways to explore. From a specialized focus (outdoor activities like sailing to "S.T.E.M." directions like physics) to a wide array of options (my daughter's choice this summer is a camp where the campers decide what they want to do together), girls are exploring directions that will help them build their answers to the big question: Which way to go? It's not such a scary question if you're a Girl Scout!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Moments & The Invisible Me

Oh, how I wish I were invisible! It would come in SO handy when capturing the little moments of life that swirl by. But sometimes I am fortunate enough to go unnoticed (or maybe ignored). As a pair of young Girl Scouts made their way past where I was standing, a special moment drifted my way. Without looking up, their beautiful little faces gravitated toward each other as they talked about friendship. I didn't expect to eavesdrop, just take a great photo with my camera. But what I heard surprised me.

I didn't even know how much of an impact it made on me until I realized I couldn't shake it from my mind. They were talking about choosing each other as friends. One girl said she didn't have any other friends ... and that's when my heart was both happy and sad at the same time. They talked in-depth and their conversation disappeared with them. But what remained in my mind caused me to wonder what would cause a fresh young life to avoid friendship. The simple answer? I'd place my bet on pain. And I'm making an educated guess on that one!

My heart kept hurting for the young girl. But on the flip side of whatever has separated her from others, a new opportunity for friendship was blossoming. They were choosing friendship together.

Can I be honest? Some of the Girl Scout sayings that are new to my ears have not held the importance they should. Things involving fun and friendship have at times been placed on the shelf in my own mind as less important than courage, confidence, character and changing the world. But when a moment like this stops me in my tracks, I have a glimpse of just how powerful friendship can be. And indeed, when I look at key moments that brought courage, confidence, and character ... they often involved friends!

Thank goodness for Girl Scouts.
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