Monday, July 30, 2007

Socks and Seeds and Dirt ...

OH MY! Like a stocking stuffed with a dirtball ready for a seed to find new life ... I'm planting myself into a new opportunity. Now I think these little character grass heads (the girls were making them during the Summer Rec program) might be more interesting to watch day-to-day than my new venture! BUT - I am honored and excited to see what sprouts up as I step up as the Chief Communications Officer of Magic Empire Council. Girl Scouting has become such a wonderful place for my purpose to flourish.

Now don't get me wrong ... I haven't been job hunting! In fact, I was very tempted to stick with my wonderful little space as it is. I have the best of many worlds this way. I can work part time in an office. I can travel and do photography part time. I can work from my home office part time. I can take on design and marketing projects at will.

But my department head is taking a step that will enable her to be a stay-at-home mom, which is such a beautiful thing for her new family. I think that is admirable, brave, and wonderful. I find it ironic that her step away from the position and my step into the position both allow us to be home with our families more. No, I won't need to travel so much. And yes, I will miss that terribly. Hopefully I will still do some here and there. But in the meantime, I can pour my passions into one place. This is where I'm taking my own leap ... and hopefully helping others fly, too!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Fly

As someone told me lately, "Everyone deserves the chance to fly!" The lyrics to Defying Gravity are so alive in my consciousness today with that phrase in particular resounding in my head. Suddenly it's as if my personal mission is defined by a Broadway musical! I have to laugh. But seriously, that phrase feels like a description of what I want to do ... and not just for myself, but really to give wings to others. With the advent of certain opportunities, there is much swirling in my mind. When those words were spoken to me this morning, the recent "Wicked" New York adventure and the Branson escape (note photo above) came together in a little moment of green ... more later! But in the meantime, I just have to say this: GREEN GIRLS ROCK!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Karen's Lilly

A beautiful moment in a not so beautiful day ... well, some of it really was good, but overall? It was chaotic. At the moment, I am deeply tired, stuck in my office (waiting on my 2nd roadside service call of the day), and worried about being ready to leave for New York at 4:30 am! I was going to do a leisurely night of packing and enjoy a little time with my son. I'm sure he's fine just hanging out with his PS2 but I wanted to have at least one mom moment before I go!

ANYWAY ... my coworker, Karen, brought her Lilly blooms by earlier knowing how I love to get my camera around flowers. Ironic, today I delivered my first photography exhibit and it's all flowers! So, it brought some stress relief earlier to break out my camera. Now I'm thinking I need to do it again. I'm about to stress bust!
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sprinkle and Stir

I had a danceline instructor known for her #1 phrase: "SPARKLE & SHINE!" At Girl Scout day camp, my daughter learned a new phrase: "SPRINKLE & STIR!" Though I can't imagine it being said with the same intensity and gleaming smile, I have a feeling this carries with it a much more practical benefit!
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Camp Tenkiller Wildflowers

I have hundreds of photos of girls at daycamp ... and could have stayed HOURS to take more photos of nature! The hillside was awash with wildflowers and grasses. I can see why this camp is a favorite of many! I'm debating whether to make my first camping trip there with or without kids! I have this crazy idea that I could stay there for a week, mix my own paints with petals and bark, and come back refreshed with solitude and a meaningful piece of art.
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