Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two thoughts about arrows ...

Yesterday ...
I saw girls shoot a bow for the first time. These were girls from different backgrounds, different experienes, etc. One little girl shot this arrow that landed just outside of the inner black ring on her first attempt and BEAMED the rest of the time I was there. Evidently her older sister was in the group because a comment that came from the ones watching was something like, "Hey - your *slam* sister isn't *slam* with this! She's good!" And to hear the cheers from the whole group (sister included) warmed my heart. Girl by girl, each of them tried their hand to the encouraging remarks from the other campers. It was wonderful to hear the support pouring out. Even one girl who seemed to prefer being alone found a smile ... and then two, then another and another ... each easier than the last. It was a wonderful moment to witness!

Today ...
Naturally, there are more than enough analogies about arrows. But I have to admit that seeing the preparation that goes into something like this inspires me to think of how prepared I am in my own space to hit my own targets. Honestly, I probably end up doing things backwards. All the preparation gets postponed until I "have time" and in the meantime, just meeting deadlines or tying up loose ends eats up all the time and I rarely ever feel truly prepared. I guess now I have a picture ... not only of preparing to hit my own targets, but the extra step of the preparation needed to teach others to hit their targets as well.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

These Rough Workdays!

Summer is here, and fortunately a little one wanted to go to the office with me today. We needed a quick photo of a Brownie and a Junior Girl Scout! So we took a little walk down to the Girl Scout Store, borrowed their samples, and snapped a few (well, ok, a lot of photos). I told her she might get to help me today ... and she did! What a rough job!
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