Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lives ...

Sometimes it's good to stop and reflect on the lives of people around me. We're all so different, so human, so unique. We're working for common passions here, which is beautiful. Yet we all lead lives that have a myriad of circumstances ... some empowering and some challenging. My thought for today is that regardless of what is going on in my little world, those around me also have their hurdles and heartaches as they press toward making a difference. We all need to know how amazing and valuable we are.
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

95th Anniversary Celebration

The big event finally happened! Nearly 1,000 Girl Scouts gathered at the Tulsa Fairgrounds to celebrate 95 years of Girl Scouting! It was fun to be part of my first "girl focused" event. Everything I've done thus far for the Council has been more adult-oriented as far as an event. It sure was fun to see the culture unfold before my eyes!
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Juliette Low Leadership Society Luncheon

Historic uniforms were modeled by girls ... two of the favorites being these little brownies!

This uniform has a great story ... it belongs to the woman on the right (the great-aunt of the young girl). She and her sister (both were at the luncheon) were some of the first Brownies in Oklahoma. Their mother came to Oklahoma to teach and start a Girl Scout troop back in the early 1900's!
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Juliette Low

The annual Juliette Low Leadership Society Luncheon was quite a hit ... greatly in part to our CEO's playful portrayal of Juliette Low herself. Seen here laughing with some of the award winners from the luncheon, she joshed her way around the influential women in the room and individually spoke with each of the past Honorary Chairpersons in attendance. Evidently Juliette Low was known to tell and not ask, or if she asked simply assume the answer was yes and turn a literally deaf ear and start in on the next point of business! No wonder she never heard "NO!"
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